Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The film mixes traditional and modern blues songs from various artists throughout the entire film. Below are two versions of the title track "O Death Where is Thy Sting."

One song performed two ways - Brooklyn singer-songwriter, The Bones of JR Jones, does the 'original' a traditionally-inspired blues record stripped all the way back to the bare essentials. While Doomtree's, Cecil Otter, reinvents it with loudness and a flare for authentic underground hip-hop driven by his unique lyrical songwriting sensibilities. 


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Title Tracks


The Bones of J.R. Jones

JR-Jones-O DEATH_v3i.jpg

The Bones of JR Jones (aka Jonathan Linaberry) is a Blues singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NYC. His style is one that comprises the sounds of blues, folk, and contemporary influences under a self-created alter ego, seeking to carve his own niche in blues music without reinventing the wheel.

Cecil Otter

Cecil Otter (aka Kyle Smith) is a rapper, producer, and founding member of the Doomtree hip hop collective based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is known for a wide and diverse body of work, including several self-produced albums and as one half of Wugazi, a project which combined Wu-Tang Clan vocals over Fugazi instrumentals.


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